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A restaurant brand that embraces art. Furthermore, it is the starting point of all cultures.

The process of creating a single brand and space. In it, creators with expertise in all fields see and draw in one direction. 

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Brand design


Brand planning

Brand design

Content directing

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Space design


Space planning

Space design

Space design

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F&B Development team

Menu planning

Menu development

Branch training

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Store management team

Branch management

Customer service


Brand desing team

Area of business

Brand Planning, Brand Design, Contents Directing

TDTD's brand design team.

When developing a new brand, we conduct research by considering all factors such as brand direction, client needs, and regional history. We plan and design the overall content of the brand by carefully deciding the most appropriate concept among them.

As these hours accumulate, a unique brand that has never existed in the world is finally launched.

Space design team

Area of business

Space planning, Space lay out, Space design

TDTD's space design team.

We do not create temporary hot places.

We interpret and design spaces with our own sensibility and imagination.​ It responds sensitively to trends, but uses uncommon techniques and materials to create an unfamiliar space. Our goal is to create a space loved by customers for a long time.


F&B Development team

Area of business

Menu planning, Menu development,

Branch training

TDTD's F&B development team.

Chefs from various fields gather together to develop menus that cross nationalities and genres.
Everything in the world is the inspiration for cooking and the theme of the menu. 
A fun and challenging menu that is unconstrained by traditional cooking allows customers to have a variety of fun and experience.


Store management team

Area of business

Branch management, Customer service, Service

TDTD's store management team.

On-site management soon becomes the face of the brand.
Friendly and professional managers respond to customers and naturally lead the atmosphere of the site. Hiring staff to match the brand to operate the space is also part of the planned branding.

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The work process of TDTD is as follows.


planning design

Analyze the area around the store and the commercial area, set the appropriate target, and brainstorm the brand direction, concept, and sales menu.

· Market analysis
· Identification of store areas and collection of stories
· Target layer analysis and sales strategy
· Brand concept, brainstorming


basic design

Establish a concept, develop specific branding and content, and start space design and menu development.

· Establishing a brand concept
· brand design
· space Design and design
· Menu planning and development


detailed design

An order plan is made for various visual objects, and the design drawings are finalized to fix the space finish. Finish the development of the menu through a tasting event.

· Visual design and production order
· Drawing delivery
· Menu establishment and staff training



Communicate with the contextual contractor to begin construction. Department designers conduct on-site monitoring and display themselves.

· Branch management

· Customer service

· Service


brand launch

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