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To cut harmonious tradition & modernity, taste

It is a brand with the concept of TTT (TAILOR THE TASTE) 'Cutting Harmonized Tradition, Modernity, and Taste.' As like Taylor delicately cuts clothes, it is a brand that carefully cuts and serves Korean beef tailored to customers' tastes. It is a premium Korean beef brand that breaks the framework of the existing Korean beef restaurant and interprets tradition and modernity in a modern way.



Festival in Hot Spring Village, dedicated to the toad spirit

It is a conceptual Yatai Izakaya brand that is released with the keyword "Festival of Onsen Village" that serves toad spirits. Although it is now a popular izakaya, it has created an exotic yatai-type izakaya that has not existed in Korea by realistically proving the local culture of Japan and solving it into a space and melting fantasy into it.

MPC buger.png


Meat Packing Club

The generous K-Bugger made by a Korean CEO in Koreatown, Manhattan, USA. Meet a special and affectionate burger that you've never seen anywhere else in the world. We propose a burger that fits our taste by combining Korean ingredients and cooking methods with hamburgers.

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